Luxury Justified

That is the question: Is luxury justified? In this day and age we can find many ways to justify or condemn the things that people like to do. Karley happens to like luxury and other high class adventures in life. Why should someone be condemned just because his lifestyle is over and above someone elses? Is that fair? Why do we judge other people for a lifestyle different from our own especially if it is better, more advanced, or richer? I would say it is shear jealousy.

Let’s say that I go to my favorite Limo Service¬†and dish out all kinds of money to go for a “ride on the town” and really whoop it up all while having a great time. Should I be condemned because I can afford to do these things? Then again, is it fair for me to look down on someone who can’t afford to do these things? I say if someone can then that is great. But if someone can’t then that is ok too. In fact if you are one who can… then invite the one who can’t… to come along at your expense. This is how you can justify both positions without being unfair.