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Hello, Karley here. Justice is a complicated word that can be used in many different ways. We often think of it as justice being served in a situation where someone is being rewarded or punished for something they did or had done to them. Justice could be a person such as Justice Karley for example. It could be the moral principle that determines just conduct. It could be the law that governs just conduct. Was justice served in a court decision? The only problem in defining justice is what or who actually defines it. One person’s understanding of justice may be different from another person’s understanding.

Generally, governments in any society will determine what will define justice for their area of juristriction. It will always be based on the laws that are written and decided on by whomever has the authority to write the laws. That is a big responsibility to write the laws that will govern a society. These laws might seem unjust to some but then seem just fine for others. How do people decide what is right and wrong? On what basis do they make the judgement of right and wrong? What is the moral standard?

Many will venture to say that God is the supreme authority and what he says about it is what governing bodies should heed. The problem with that is not everyone believes that God even exists. So how can His word take priority if it is really just man’s word in the first place. People have many opinions on this, so who wins out getting the last say and writing the law. It is always the one who has the power and authority that wins out. This could be one person or it could be a group of people that come to a consensus and agree on a particular law that will govern the people.

Even primitive people will make laws for their tribes based on their understanding and fears about right and wrong. Some of their laws will seem really strange to us because of a primitive knowledge that serves a tribal people. This is interesting because I know of missionaries who have gone into Papa New Guinea and taught a new way of thinking based on new knowledge that they were unaware of. They accepted this new way of thinking because it made sense from the new knowledge they had learned. This caused them to change in many ways including what they allowed and didn’t allow for their tribal group.

So you see, justice is really defined by one’s knowledge as this knowledge is what defines one’s heart and soul. Out of the heart and soul comes mercy and justice. I venture to say that a society and its laws are defined by the heart and soul of its people. If God is in the heart and soul of a society, then its laws will reflect that kind of justice. If God is not in the heart and soul of a society then it will reflect a very different kind of justice. One that will probably allow lawlessness and an unfair kind of justice. This usually will result in a corrupt society executing a corrupt style of justice.

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